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About us

Yhhbags(RICH SUMMER) has nearly 20 years of experience in the production and development of leather products,located in Guangzhou China. We are a handbags factory specializing in the production of all kinds of canvas bags, nylon bags, imitation leather bags and real leather bags etc. We are familiar with the production process of different kinds of bags and accessories.We provide new product designs, choose suitable and popular materials, develop from drawings to actual samples, strictly control mass production quality, and also be flexibly order quantity, so as to serve different customers all over the world. We support the customization  brands, cooperate with the development of new materials, including all kinds of new fabrics, hardware, hangtag, etc., and complete the development of new products from drawings to objects. Perfect logistics service, We are a 360º factory that supports you from the beginning to the end. Welcome your consultation and purchase, development and customized production with us.


Contact: Rui

Tel: +86 156 222 95301

Email: yhhbags@gmail.com

Add: Xi guang ling Road 11,Shiling Town,Huadou District,Guangzhou China